Our Network is for Freedom Loving Entrepreneurs of Faith who want to  Give More People the Opportunity to Live Free and Prosper.

Networking is the oldest business building strategy in the world. Now, with technology and automation, it has been made new again. And we'll show you how.

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Top 10 Features and Benefits of
Legacy Business Network

  • Business Directories,

    The directory makes it quick and simple to find other business partners in your niche and area. It's also a great place to showcase your business with images, testimonials, reviews and relevant descriptions of services. Here is where you can be found by businesses looking to refer business to you. This is also where you will share your other digital property assets like blogs and social networks. Share viral content with each other to build backlinks, traffic, and social connections. We'll also have local niche industry directories with easy geographical and service based search function for your potential customers to find you. 

  • Professional Training and Technology,

    Here is a place to learn how to network using online tools to research and leverage your efforts. There is a members only discussion forum, training, tools and software that will help to exponentially increase your ability to attract high value connections. A couple of the new strategies we use are Gamification and Social Influencer Marketing. Stay tuned...

  • Member to Member Discounts and Perks,

    Take advantage of discounts and incentives offered by other members as they start to use this platform and market more online. There will be information products and services to enhance your online image and reach.

  • Legacy Business Journal,

    You'll have access to our monthly journal of the highest performing content from across the web. We'll focus on the most cutting edge networking and promotional techniques to give you an unfair advantage over others in your niche and area. We also focus on political issues that affect economic and business freedoms all around the globe.

  • Network With Socially Influential Business Leaders,

    By joining with other plugged in super connectors, you'll massively increase your network to become a business magnet very quickly yourself. Just by having one and two degrees of association with other business leaders, you will gain clout and valuable relationships. Plus, our network supports businesses and organizations that promote the free enterprise system and our rights to life, liberty the pursuit of happiness and the right to enjoy the fruits of our own labor.

  • Get Paid To Build Your Own Network,

    Promote the Premium Membership Beta Launch.
    We have a very generous affiliate program that pays 50% Commissions on the front end monthly membership and then pays 80% Commissions on the back end for those that want to be rewarded for promoting the premium network mastermind group.

  • Networking Super Connector Mastermind,

    Enroll into this exclusive networking and mastermind program to get insider only access to discover how to most effectively network online and learn to model the top performing professionals. Work with other members as accountability partners to become a networking super connector.  
    Click here for more details!

  • Local Niche Vested Sponsor,

    We'll be opening up opportunities to build local niche specific Legacy Business networks and directory services to qualified Vested Sponsors. Here you will become the central hub of influence in your local niche market with your own Perks Page where you can make incentive offers and share your referral links. (Coming Soon)

  • Metro Area Vested Sponsor,

    Then, the granddaddy of them all, we will be launching whole metro networks that cover all niches. Here you will get to develop local niche directories where you can sell listings as you become the center of power and influence for all the niche markets in your metro area. Plus, you will get your own dedicated Perks Page, Resources Page and Affiliate Program setup for you. (Coming Soon)

  • Special Perks for Premium Members

    This gives value up front and makes for a low barrier of entry for those you invite and we'll invite to build your network for you. With your premium membership, there are some very nice perks. Watch the Perks Page as we continue to add to it.

As you can see, this is not a static program. This program is setup to continuously grow, expand and scale dynamically across regions and clientele focused specific niches. As we morph into the future, we have no idea what it will look like...

But, now is the time to make your presence known in our community. Become one of the founding members to help us beta test our systems, develop programs so you can catch the wave and ride with us into a new vision of community, and synergy of local and digital business growth mastery.

No one else is doing it like Legacy Business Network.

Beta Test Launch Offer

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