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Networking is great. But who has time for it?

That's why we developed Legacy Business Network.

We help you connect, build, leverage and promote all online.     

This is Legacy Business Network

We're growing an online community of old school, legacy businesses and new technology businesses that benefit from networking together, sharing and learning new tactics and making our businesses more reputable, profitable and manageable. No need to go to live events anymore if you don't want to.

Business owners, managers and promotional agents will benefit from networking with like-minded associates like us. So we are looking for highly rated, businesses like yours in all areas.

We are going national now and international soon, so each local area can build its own online referral network and community. Get in now while we are in our rapid growth stage!

Continue reading to discover what makes our online network unique.

It begins with a really simple concept:

The more friends you have in positions of influence, the better it is for your business. But we went a step further and developed a virtually automated system to facilitate the positive actions networking requires to be successful.

By joining and helping build our online network, we will all benefit from new leads, more sales, better review scores, social status, referrals, recommendations, endorsements and higher search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings.

What is a legacy business?

The common definition of a legacy business is the kind of business that was around before any new technology. They are the old school businesses that do things in the most traditional ways. In modern language, a legacy business is slang for a traditional brick-and-mortar company.

Like it or not, anything labeled as "legacy" is looked at to be old or outdated, as opposed to a new technologically advanced business. Usually, legacy businesses are like mom-n-pop shops, service businesses, locally owned retail and local contractors...

legacy business networks


First of all, let's start with a legacy. To me, a legacy is what people remember about you or your business for a long time. It's the stuff legends are made of. In other words, it's your lasting reputation. And a business network is a community of businesses working together.

So, Legacy Business Network is community for everyone to help each other build a long lasting, good reputation and grow your reach beyond your own efforts. We are members helping members grow and prosper. We keep each other in mind when a customer asks for recommendations so we can refer business your way. And we actively work to build each other's online strengths.

But more than just one local network, we are growing to develop a network of online networks. It's much like a chain of franchises, but totally web based. Each city, town and region will have a network with its own founding members. That means that with the growth of each smaller network, the strength of the whole network will grow.

Anyone can benefit from networking.

There are a lot of other complimentary businesses out there that share your clientele. It just makes sense to proactively share connections with each other for everyone's mutual benefits. We make that easy by grouping businesses together based on the areas you operate in and your customer types. And then by giving you the tools, information and resources to take networking to a completely new level, you can expand your business faster, easier and more efficiently.

Legacy Business Network, In A Nutshell

We’re starting a new professional online network of (local) networks.

Our online platform is being developed right now to help facilitate and leverage high profile connections to bring everyone new business, positive reviews, recommendations, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Every new local business connection you establish has the potential to bring in new clientele.

And this connection automation system is Easy to use.

Our business network is for owners, managers and people that promote businesses and make referrals for others. And we’ll help you use it in the most effective way possible.

But more on that later…

It will also facilitate:
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
2. Social media networking, 
3. and reputation building,
the trifecta of web presence.

How will it facilitate SEO?
Utilizing the professional blogs of each business, members can allow guest posting with do-follow contextual back links, commenting and sharing so that every relevant high authority back link pointing back to your site will boost your rankings.

The blog posting and sharing is all voluntary and each business that has their own blogs on their own servers and IP addresses get to participate, that’s a must, and better than the commonly used PBN (Private Blog Network) scheme.

How will it facilitate social signals and clout?
By members agreeing to like, share and comment on each other’s social pages and posts, everyone’s social status will be raised. Each member’s social networking links can be made available in the members network business directory.

How will it help with review ratings?
It will help reputation building when members use each other’s services and then giving 5-Star reviews and testimonials, all facilitated by the network software and platform. Some functions will be available to your customers too. Everyone would gain influence and review ratings by building each other up on sites that publish reviews.
Why wouldn’t you support and patron the businesses in your local area that patron and support your business?

Check out the Perks Page to see the automated 5-Star review generation software that you will have access to.

There’s more too.
We will help create affiliate programs for member businesses so they can easily share a link to get trackable referrals. That makes it easy to pay a commission automatically to someone that promotes your business. The affiliate programs for the individual businesses would be built specifically for each individual business as ordered for a separate fee.
But, what if you don’t have time for all that?

No problem, we will also offer complete done-for-you networking, referral and web presence builder packages for those that want elite level concierge service.

If you don’t want to use our done-for-you service, that’s fine too. You can also outsource the online networking process to someone else, and we’ll show you how.

Who remembers the prayer of Jabez?

With that prayer and the good will in his heart, Jabez made a legacy for himself that has lasted for thousands of years.

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” 1 Chronicles 4:10

Growing your sphere of influence, reach and spreading your good will toward others is what this is all about.

So this network and system is kind of an answer to that prayer, but now we are using modern digital technology to help the process.

You know the best source of leads is word of mouth.

Everyone knows, the absolute best promotions come from word of mouth referrals, through trusted friends and family. Now we have a web based system to help you grow your circle of friends. This is all about expanding your sphere of influence. But, it's also a powerful tool to make it faster, easier and more efficient. Now, you will get to connect with the people that can help the most. These are the people that already have your customers as their clients. And by being in their network, you will have the opportunity to be recommended to their clientele.

Local Business Networking is all about strategically building mutually beneficial business relationships. It’s the oldest form of business building known to man. Now those relationships can start online. This is a new concept that will help marry old school networking techniques with new strategies and technology.

There are a lot of other complementary businesses out there that share your clientele. It just makes sense to proactively share connections with each other for your mutual benefits. We make that simple and fast by using online platforms and by grouping businesses together based on area and customer types. 

Isn’t it about time you start opening those windows of opportunity? Let us show you how to “network like a boss.” We’ll provide training and tools to do it all yourself. But who has time to go to meetings, make followup calls, write emails and travel to meetings two or three days a month? That’s why we have developed an online system that semi-automates the critical processes of networking without all the initial leg work.

It’s a new kind of Private Business Network with a unique system that has never been done before. We are looking for partner businesses that meet the highest ethical standards to help build the best business network ever, better than Linked in, better than B.N.I., better than Meetup.com. What makes it better? The perks, the platform, the tools, the training and the done-for-you services.

How the concept continues to developed:

Legacy Business Network was created to do more than just share referrals. This is like marrying several concepts together to build a dynamic system greater than the sum of its parts. If you have ever heard of affiliate marketing, it's where someone promotes your products or services for a set commission. We are taking the affiliate marketing business model to the local market to give influential people a greater incentive to promote your business.

Adding just this one element to your business will help facilitate the promotion of yours and other member businesses. And as the network grows, the more potential there is to promote your business. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "a rising tide lifts all ships." Well, that is exactly what we are doing here, raising the tide.

But it doesn't stop there. The network also facilitates the sharing, liking commenting in social networks and video channels. You will also have the chance to submit articles to fellow members blogs, newsletters and information products with links directing back to your web pages in them, boosting your search rankings to generate more leads and sales.

In effect, this system facilitates a new kind of "PBN" (Private Blog Network). But instead of the blog network being owned by one person, and being at risk of being slapped by Google, blogs are owned by real established local businesses. Nothing could be more powerful or safer to provide you with contextual back links to your web pages. So, I have coined a new phrase for this new PBN concept. I call it a "Professional Blog Network."

By-the-way, I'm open to new ideas if you think of ways to make this system even better. Your input is welcome. That's what makes working together so much better!

Perks and benefits for joining today:

As a premium member of Legacy Business Network, you will also have access to the tools, information, discounts, incentives and perks provided by other fellow members. 

Pick your perks for local business promotional services. Some of the perks you'll get to choose from for joining will be;

  • comprehensive web presence audit that will tell you what you need to do right now to make your business excel online,
  • 5 star review generation tool,
  • local directory site listing,
  • guest article posting privileges on my blogs with back links to your site,
  • sharing, liking and commenting on your social pages,
  • weekly journal on how to network like a boss,
  • member only discounts to select promotional services,
  • your own affiliate link to share and earn commissions for sharing other businesses,
  • and the opportunity to have us setup the things you need to take full advantage of this system...

As you can see, with just some of my perks and incentives alone, there is a great opportunity for you to expand the reach and quality of your business online and off. And with the affiliate program that we offer, there is also an excellent opportunity for you to earn commissions passively by merely sharing a link to my services from your business blog and social sites.

And just imagine as you and others add their own perks, discounts and incentives! This network has the potential to become a powerhouse for those that take advantage of it early.

How much does all this cost?

While we are in beta launch mode, it's only $7 to start a Premium account and  Register  for forum access. There will also be new levels of service added that will bring an incredible value to your business. When those are added, you will have first choice to level up and promote them as an affiliate member.

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"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up." Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

So, what excites you most about networking with other influential business leaders?

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