Beware Network Hogs

Another name for a networking hog is, narcissist. They will dominate the conversation, engage in monologue instead of dialogue and use up all your precious networking time.

Avoid them if you notice them at a networking event. And most of all, don’t be that person. No one wants to be talked at. People want to have two-way, engaging conversations.

Don’t tell your life story or go into any long winded diatribe of any kind. This will not help your chances at making the connections you need.

Now, here are a few tips to avoid a narcissist at a networking event.

  1. Simply shake their hand and tell them, please excuse me, there are some other people I need to meet. Thank you for your time. And then turn around to walk away.
  2. After they talk for a minute, ask them who their ideal client would be. When they answer, say I know someone you should meet. Then introduce them to someone else.
  3. Join a circle of people that are already talking. Introduce yourself by handing your business card to each person. Then start a conversation with one of the group.
  4. Don’t go alone. Have a partner there with you and have a discreet signal that indicates you need help. Let your buddy try to get you out of the jamb.

We all know a conversation hog or a clinger. But with a few preparations beforehand about how to deal with them will make your networking time much more rewarding.

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