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Jason Speckert Interview

​This is my first interview.  I sat down with Jason Speckert of to learn how he is getting started with his new marketing agency. We met on facebook and have had a few chats. He has been promoting his agency on his personal profile and I like his approach and thought he would be a fun […]

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Networking Works

Do you know how networking works? Well, It’s really a pretty simple concept. If someone I know asks me for a recommendation from my connections, and I know you’re good at what you do, I give them your contact info as a referral.I don’t think I need to convince you that word-of-mouth referrals are the […]

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Seven Principles of Liberty

INTRODUCTION: “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof.” [Inscription on the Liberty Bell; Leviticus 25:10] LIBERTY! The very word evokes hope and stirs the inner soul of man. Throughout the course of time, individuals and nations oppressed by the yoke of tyranny or bondage have cried out for liberty’s reprise and have […]

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Networking Masterplan

“Our relative limited freedom, at this time in human history, is a strange anomaly. The default state of man is bondage.” This article is meant to start a discussion, a discussion about freedom, networking and prosperity. It’s about the vision and mission that moved me to develop a “partnership marketing social influencers network for freedom loving […]

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Why helping others is selfish…

Did you know that the most selfish thing you can do is help others? It’s true. By consistently reaching out to help others, you fill up the universal bank of good will. It’s a divine principle. The bible says it this way, “Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, […]

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Why People Become Entrepreneurs


Why People Become Entrepreneurs These 5 Answers Why People Become Entrepreneurs Might Be The Best Solutions To Help Others In The World Why do most people become an entrepreneur? I mean, what do you think the primary reason is? Is it for the Freedom? Maybe it’s Prosperity? Could it be a Calling? Is it for […]

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Networking Automation for Busy People

We need to start by asking a few questions. First, Who do you want to network with? It may not be who you think. When first starting out, people will think they want to network with their potential clientele. But that is not the right approach. At least not when you first start out. When […]

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Blessing The Go-Givers Campaign

How to crowdsource the biggest and best influencers in your area: Have you ever heard of a “Go-Giver”? The term is also the name of a book by Bob Burg and explains that a “Go-Giver” focuses on giving, putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to other people’s lives which ultimately leads to unexpected returns. But, this […]

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22 Divine Principles of Biblical Prosperity and Freedom

This is why Christian nations have been historically more free and prosperous than other nations. The more closely an individual, business or nation follows these principles, the more blessings of prosperity and freedom they will have. Be a generous giver. Give first out of a genuine heart of concern to contribute the value someone else […]

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6 Figures in 6 Months Cheat Sheet

See Below How To Get The FREE Book In the video above, Peter goes over the mindset issues and motivation first because unless those things are inline, nothing else matters… But I added my specific daily routine as a Bonus for those that want an execution process! Instant Access to the 6 Figures in 6 […]

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