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Networking’s Overrated

Networking is overrated. You don’t need to know or talk to 1000 people a month. No, sir. You don’t need to be at networking events every week! The truth is, you should network, but do it in a strategic, targeted way, with the right people. Winners, movers, shakers, people that will have your back when you […]

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Give First

How can you help someone out? Maybe you have a great resource for streamlining a part of their operation. Maybe you have a special book or video that comes to mind. It could be almost anything that would personally touch them. You may know someone that they should connect with. Nothing is more powerful than […]

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Open Threes

I know, it’s a strange title for an article. And it doesn’t seem right. But sometimes a pattern interrupt is a good thing. It gets your attention. But that isn’t what this is about. What we are going to talk about in this article is who to actually approach in a live networking event. A person’s intuition […]

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Best Questions

There are very few things more important than the questions you ask when you meet a new connection. They allow you to set the tone of the interactions. Unless the conversation is steered in a productive direction, it can very quickly deviate into frivolous subjects. So it is imperative that you make the most out of your time […]

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Bring Sticky-notes

networking notes

And not just sticky notes, but a business card holder too. Why? because you can’t write on the back of most business cards. There are a few things you’re going to want to remember about the connections you make.  So take a sticky note, stick it on the back of their business card and write […]

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Beware Network Hogs

Another name for a networking hog is, narcissist. They will dominate the conversation, engage in monologue instead of dialogue and use up all your precious networking time. Avoid them if you notice them at a networking event. And most of all, don’t be that person. No one wants to be talked at. People want to have […]

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