Bring Sticky-notes

And not just sticky notes, but a business card holder too. Why? because you can’t write on the back of most business cards.

There are a few things you’re going to want to remember about the connections you make.  So take a sticky note, stick it on the back of their business card and write those things down that you want to remember about them. First, be sure to get their business card. Then, after asking about their business and interests, offer them your own business card.

What are some of the most important things you could ask them and to take notes about? Once you have all their current contact details, then it’s time to get to the expert questions. Questions like this: who is their ideal client? Just in case you think of someone to refer to them… Next, what could I do for you? And, do you offer any kind of incentives? What’s their favourite way to network online? Maybe it’s Facebook, Linked In or Instagram. Finally, ask them, what is the biggest need in their business right now?

This little action of asking the right questions and taking notes right in front of them has a lot of benefits. Let me list just a few here:

  • You’ll stand out as more interested and interesting.
  • It will break the ice very quickly.
  • You will have follow-up material to use.
  • It will help you stay organised.

Speaking of staying organised, remember I said, bring an empty business card holder too. If you start networking a lot, you will want to keep each set of networking business cards you collect in separate holders or separated by a sticky note in the pages of a book folder. Use a sticky note to label it when and where you got them.

One like this… Click on the image below.

If you don’t see an image, turn off your ad blocker. It has an Amazon link attached to it.

Business Card Holder

And if you want to really stand out as a true networking professional, and I know you do, whip out a beautiful business card case like this one that holds your own high-class business cards.

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