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Breaking Down a Compelling Message

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Okay, this one is crazy! One of the best deals ever for helping make money online. 

I’m sure you know how special incentives work. That’s one thing this deal goes overboard on.

If someone takes what you’re offering right away, they get something extra special that makes the deal irresistible. Well, that’s what this program does and it helps you do in several ways.

It offers to help you give away a lot of great incentives that you can use to enhance your own promotional offers. But, even more than that, you can share this program with others for a 100% commission paid up front directly to you.

That means this program also becomes another stream of income!

You’ll see the offer page has a compelling Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Now let’s break it down.

Key ingredients to a compelling message:

  1. Identify and call out your best audience.
  2. Ask a question about what they want.
  3. Agitate their known pains and frustrations.
  4. Be clear about the benefits and advantages.
  5. Reveal a discovery that helps solve the problem.
  6. Give social or personal proof of the solution.
  7. Make a call to action for the next step.

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See Offer Page For Yourself

How To Give Away Incentives

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See Offer Page For Yourself