Constant Conflict

The Problem:

The Marxian Social Dialectic

The Matrix has you, and it has me too.

But, what does that mean?

The Matrix is a metaphor for a program being run behind the scenes that brings the world into a technocratic, total control, surveillance police state.

You can’t really see the Matrix until you know how the game is played. And seeing the game is the first step to liberation. Being red pilled is another simple metaphor for a mechanism that can help you see the truth.

The Marxian dialectic always plays two opposing forces against each other in order to accomplish the ultimate social agenda, which is the hypothetical Machine of a one world utopian system. And that system is for the establishment of a technocratic transhumanist god-man ruling class that dominates over the few remaining slave class.

The tension between the two opposing forces in conflict creates the energy to move the agenda forward.
Right vs left
Capitalist vs communist
Religious vs atheist
War vs peace
Round vs flat
Rich vs poor
Black vs white
Man vs woman
Young vs old
Something vs nothing
Etc., etc., etc…

But, Marxian dialectic is never the real truth vs the real delusion because it is only the Truth that can make you free.

The architects of the Matrix really don’t care about truth, justice or righteousness. The tension between the two opposing forces is the necessary catalyst for their intended revolutionary transformation. And that’s all that really matters.

The new names for the Machine are “The Great Reset”, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”,  “Agenda 2030” and so on…  It seems like something out of science fiction but it’s being implemented right now.

Watch this video. A New Massive Useless Class

The tension between the two opposing forces creates the energy to propel the hidden agenda of the Machine’s program. And, without being tied to certain fundamental principles of life, liberty and prosperity, the people are easily manipulated to act against their own best interests in favor of the hidden agenda because they care more about winning the conflict than anything else.

Who was the real Karl Marx?

Moses Mordecai Marx Levi, 1818-1883, born of wealthy Jewish parents. His father was a lawyer. Lenin and Trotsky based their ideology on Engels and Mordechai Marx Levi’s (Karl Marx) work.

Click to watch video in new tab.

Why do you think that it was the Communist, Karl Marx, that refined the philosophy that has been used to subvert the greatest nations on earth and even to destroy Christian civilization? His history and his teachings were not that spectacular. I submit that it was the spirit behind his ideals is the reason for such great destruction. See the video above for an expose’ on his life and where he got his inspiration.

What we’re up against, at the pinnacle of the pyramid of the Machine Matrix are a Malthusian Marxist Khazarian kind of Mafia. But, it is really Satan himself that is in control of his kingdom of darkness which includes this world system.

Wrap your head around that.

So, the Marxian Social Dialectic is the mechanism of the Matrix, which is the delusion that we falsely believe that we are free, all the while perpetuating the conflicts that give power to the Machine. The truth of our situation, that we are not free, is the red pill we all need to begin to see the Matrix and to be able to extricate ourselves from the Machine.

Have you ever wondered how the whole world could manage to have the same diabolical plan at the same time? How could every nation on earth lock down their whole population and force its citizens to take an experimental mRNA modification system? It’s because there’s a power higher than all the governments of the world.


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I understand. Most people are too busy just trying to survive to be bothered by what the global technocrats have planned for us.

I’m happy to give a cliff notes version of their history and present active measures are if you want to know. But here’s a clue if you want to do your own research. Most, if not all, of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world have a world view influenced by Malthusianism and Fabian Socialism. That’s what drives their agenda.

It would be great if there were a lot of options to sidestep or thwart their agenda. I would certainly be open to other ideas. But based on my research there seems to be only one viable solution to it.

Would you like to know what that is?

I know some people are gonna scoff and say that this is nothing but a crazy right wing “conspiracy theory”. But, have they considered that these things could be conspiracy reality? And, how would you know the difference between theory and reality? You’ll know the difference by discovering the facts.

JFK’s Secret Society Warning


We are dealing with entities that use obfuscation, deception, cover ups, smear campaigns, propaganda and intentional character assassination to keep their narratives alive.

Yes, the government is responsible for a lot of today’s chaos. But, not solely responsible…

Yes, times have changed. But, human nature hasn’t changed.
In the beginning of the establishment of a constitutional republic for the United States government, it was hotly debated about what form of government we should use. There’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding in those debates. One book that records a lot of those debates is called, The Federalist Papers.

It’s worth reading if you haven’t already.

I’m sure you know that our government has been hijacked by a technocratic tyranny that threatens every vestige of individual liberty and even our very existence. We are no longer operating under the limited form of government or the original principles of liberty and prosperity as envisioned by our founders.

And I’m sure you recognize that it isn’t the government alone that has been seized by the enemy. Every major institution; economic, trade union, supply chain, religion, education, production, science, legal, medical, entertainment, sports, etc, etc… and every major business sector has been captured.

To say that we’re in dire straights is a gross understatement.

Here’s the thing everyone needs to understand about this time we live in.

We are in an existential battle against evil Malthusian Marxists who want to exterminate a vast portion of the human population. The end goal is a global technocratic tyranny that threatens every vestige of individual liberty and even our very lives.

Without understanding that, you cannot be prepared spiritually, mentally or physically.

This cabal of satanic overlord’s is anti-Christ because they know that it is only Jesus Christ that can defeat them. That’s because Jesus Christ is the only person who has ever defeated the devil, death, hell and the grave.

So, because of this, if you do not believe in Jesus, you might reconsider your position on Christianity.

In a war we must have alliances with proper armor and weapons. And this war is spiritual as well as political, financial, and it touches every other sphere of human existence.

You can’t defeat the devil without Jesus. That’s why Christians are the only thing standing in the way of total satanic control of the world.

The last Christian ruling monarch of Russia, Czar Nicholas, didn’t comprehend the threat to himself or his family at the time of the Bolshevik revolution.

Much the same today, the American Christian believer of our time fail to comprehend the same threat that looms over the whole world.

My call to oppose this specter of evil incarnate is based on my knowledge of history and spiritual warfare.

If we resign ourselves to allow this threat to go undefeated, like Czar Nicholas did in his time, we too will meet the same fate he and his whole family did.

The people really in charge, the central bankers and those behind them, understand all of this, and have planned it many years ago.

That’s why they aim to capture people in an Orwellian system that monitors and controls every penny you earn, save, and spend.

If you want to understand what’s going on and what you can do to protect your personal freedom and financial well-being, then you cannot afford to shrug off your responsibility any longer.

Do you know what Malthusianism means? Look it up. Because once you understand that, everything makes sense.

Do you know of any Malthusian people in positions of power?

Billionaire Boys Club: The World’s Plutocrats at Work to Decrease Population


You’ve just been blackpilled.

For the whole history of mankind, men have dominated, killed and enslaved each other. It wasn’t until the greatest experiment in liberty began to come to fruition that people became free to live according to their own conscience.
It was the emergence of Western civilization that gave us this level of freedom and prosperity. But don’t take it for granted. Slavery and domination is the default condition of mankind.

This unique situation has only come about because of the Protestant Revolution and the great classical liberal thinkers of the last 500 years. So this little interlude of mankind is a tiny blip on the radar of history. And it is a very tenuous situation at best, even for us in America, the most powerful, rich and free nation on the planet, we could lose our freedom in a moment.

Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for this freedom. So don’t back down and don’t go quietly into the night.

“Hard times create strong men.

Good times create weak men.

And, weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf

Guess what cycle we’re in.

The purpose of Legacy Business Network is primarily Freedom.

But, freedom is multifaceted.

Freedom, to me, means having the right to life, individual liberty, and to enjoy the fruits of our own labor, to be able to possess and express all of our God given rights without being molested by others, especially government entities.
But, more than just the mundane things of life, freedom from sin, guilt consciousness, and the right to worship as God leads.

In order to be free, we need to support fellow patriots.

We need to be politically active.

We need to educate people.

We need to expose the enemy.

Do you know what principles are foundational for a free and prosperous civilization, which are antithetical to the Machine’s Matrix agenda?

Most people don’t. And that’s why Christian civilization is being destroyed for the sake of this new one world system.

Well, I’ve found 22 such principles.

Would you like to know what they are?

The Solution:

So, my proposition is this: living connected to our Creator, the Father in heaven and the Son, Jesus Christ, and being guided by His Holy Spirit according to certain fundamental principles that brings His Kingdom to bear on the earth is the only way we preserve and improve the Christian civilization that they are trying to destroy.

Do you believe that this thesis is true?

We are looking for positive, uplifting leaders who believe in biblical principles of life, freedom and prosperity who can help move this mission forward to give the world these principles. And, more importantly, Jesus Christ, the Giver of these principles.

If you fit the criteria above, do me a favor. Download, learn and help promote the 22 most fundamental Divine Biblical Principles of Freedom and Prosperity.

So, now I’m working to help entrepreneurs of faith develop strategic referral partnerships and promote the cause of liberty through networking.

And to help facilitate that vision we have a complete system that includes a sales funnel, private group, forum membership, business directory, mastermind group and affiliate program.

This new unique marketplace mission is a faith based community being developed as a solution to the Matrix and it’s anti-human agenda.

Join your network with ours and let’s help the most people possible have true purpose, freedom and prosperity.


I believe we should make a distinction between building an empire and building a civilization or culture. They are two different things.

But, that being said, I have a simple idea about how we could help.

1. Shine the light on the darkness, exposing wickedness.

2. Network with others on the same mission.

3. Learn and live by the most fundamental Divine Principles of Freedom and Prosperity.

4. Share those principles with everyone who will accept them.

5. Deny our support to those anti-Christ entities.

6. Give our support to the pro human entities.

7. Develop alternative opportunities, ecosystems and platforms.

8. Provide incentives to help the movement grow exponentially.

I remain dubious about the narrative that “the patriots are in control”.
Meanwhile I believe that it’s prudent to work together with other goodhearted people of faith to help promote the cause of liberty and the principles that make freedom and prosperity possible all around the world.

We should all do what we can in this epic struggle of good against evil.

And since we got into this situation through deception and propaganda, it seems pretty clear that networking and using a discipleship process teaching faithful men to use truth, polemics and apologetics is the way out.

There’s never been a time like this. And now is the time for leaders to future cast a vision of hope and triumph. It’s our job to not only define reality today, but create the reality we want tomorrow.

Are you with me?

So, let me share the vision and mission of Legacy Business Network here.

The vision is for entrepreneurs and influencers to champion the cause of liberty and the principles that make freedom and prosperity possible all around the world.

Which reminds me, here are a few ideas about what you should do to get ready for what’s coming.

  • Be born again, Spirit filled and have your mind renewed in Jesus Christ.
  • Establish a few extra sources of income, some need to be international.
  • Try to get at least one other country passport and a few friends there.
  • Be a part of a well rounded community of principled leaders.
  • Keep an adequate supply of basic essentials and be ready to move.
  • Exercise all of your fundamental rights that the Creator gave you.
  • Get in and stay in good physical condition with a few self defense skills.

Who wants to join the movement?

It’s the dream life of every wanna be hero.

By day, work in the role as a high level business mogul, and networking super connector.
And by night, dawn the vestige of a freedom fighter, exposing corrupt politicians, corporate elite, and their evil schemes to enslave all humanity in a technocratic global Marxist tyranny.

We can promote the cause of liberty by supporting businesses, organizations and educators that we know believe in defending the God given rights of the people and by not doing business with the businesses that contribute to the destruction of our freedom.

Join the movement.

It’s your freedom, legacy, and prosperity that’s on the line. Not to mention the lives of our children and grandchildren for how many generations…

Really it’s now or never.

Did you know that America was originally dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission?

In 1607, the expedition led by Pastor Robert Hunt arrived in Virginia Beach.
When they arrived in Virginia, the expedition dedicated our country to the glory of God. They planted a rough-hewn wooden cross, which they brought from England, in the sand and prayed:

“We do hereby dedicate this Land, and ourselves, to reach the People within these shores with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to raise up Godly generations after us, and with these generations take the Kingdom of God to all the earth. May this Covenant of Dedication remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains, and may this Land, along with England, be Evangelists to the World. May all who see this Cross, remember what we have done here, and may those who come here to inhabit join us in this Covenant and in this most noble work that the Holy Scriptures may be fulfilled.”

The Premise:

  1.  Most Heavenly Kingdom minded entrepreneurs aspire to have a maximum degree of freedom, prosperity, live for a higher purpose and hope to leave a good legacy.
  2. If they saw a simple way to achieve more personal and financial freedom, live for a higher purpose and leave a good legacy, they would do it.
  3. But, the problem is that the blessings of liberty and prosperity are conditional upon living according to certain fundamental principles. And, most people are ignorant of what those principles are, so, they have little chance of fulfilling their aspirations.
  4. Therefore, we have a vision for a referral partner network of Kingdom minded entrepreneurs, influencers and professionals to promote the cause of liberty and the principles that make freedom and prosperity possible all around the world.
  5. Doing business with anti-Christ globalist entities that desire our enslavement and extermination is bad for business and our future.
  6. We should, rather, do business with those who support the flourishing of humanity.
  7. We believe that networking and word of mouth referrals are the best form of marketing. So, we’ve developed a platform and affiliate program to help make our networking experience more rewarding and successful.

Check this page and 4 minute video.

This is a video intro to our vision, mission and affiliate program and the benefits to this kind of business community model. The motto of Legacy Business Network is “Connection with a higher purpose”. The specific purpose is important. I believe that people need to understand why 99.9% of the global population’s life and liberty is being threatening by a certain cabal of technocratic despots.

The Mission:

Our mission is to work together with other goodhearted people of faith to live in biblically principled freedom and abundant prosperity. We commit to work as a community to be so abundantly blessed that we are able to generously bless others and fulfill our God given purpose as we prepare for eternity together.



Recommended Listening for History and Details of the Conspirators:

Yuri Bezmenov explains the four stages of ideological subversion to G Edward Griffin in a gripping revelation that sounds all too much like headlines from today’s news. Bezmenov gives staunch warnings of the slow communist overthrow of the United States in front of our own eyes without even realizing it.

He breaks down the four stages:

1 – Demoralization
2 – Destabilization
3 – Crisis
4 – Normalization

Yuri Bezmenov Full Interview from 1984




Benjamin H Freedman’s speech in 1961

Text Version of recording.

Recommended Reading for Understanding the Problem:

-Free PDF Downloads-

























































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