Do you know WHY Microsoft bought Linkedin?

Reid Hoffman helped launch LinkedIn in the days when most big business executives had the notion that opening up your little black book was a way to buy the rope your competition needs to hang you with.

LinkedIn now boasts well over 400 million members!

But, Reid is well known as the quintessential nice guy. And he has the inside connections to any big Silicon Valley tech company you could hope to attract. So you could say that Reid had what Microsoft didn’t have.

Voila, Microsoft has the connections, reputation and the little black book of Reid Hoffman.

“As a board member, Hoffman will be Microsoft’s ambassador in the Valley. Among a core group of constituents for whom Microsoft may not factor into conversation, Hoffman will work to raise its profile. The trickle-down effect has the potential to be tremendous as Microsoft competes for partners and talent.” [backchannel article, now we know why microsoft bought linkedin dad. by Jessi Hempel, March 14, 2017]

Now that it’s becoming mainstream to start the networking process online, sites like Linkedin and their derivatives are going to become more and more popular. The next step in this evolution is to get into networks that niche down and segment memberships based on unique interests, persuasions, and passions.

We’ve all seen the big fad, go green, environmental movement spread around the world. We have witnessed the camel nose of the sexual revolution come boldly into the tent. We have seen most of academia and entertainment plunge our society into the ditch on the left side of the road.

But there has also been a resistance to this madness. And most of that resistance is coming from farm families, the hard-working middle class, and MainStreet America business owners.

That is where Legacy Business Network has stepped into the fray. It is positioning itself in the middle of the new conservative/libertarian revolution sweeping the world. How businesses position themselves’s politically and culturally has never been more important than today. Evidence of this is seen in the Target store debacle when they announcing non-gender specific restrooms and when the owner of Chick-fil-A voiced his support of traditional marriage. They made headlines for weeks and many people took to actively boycotting or supporting their stores for their statements.

Not only is this a smart business move, it’s also a socially conscientious move. If you believe the tried and true conventional family is being threatened, free enterprise is under assault and fundamental liberties are being stripped away, it only makes sense to start to align business with purpose. Let’s work with others that have a vested interest in protecting, building and promoting the things that have created the fabric of our society. I invite you to network with us at LegacyBusiness.Net.

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