Give First

How can you help someone out? Maybe you have a great resource for streamlining a part of their operation. Maybe you have a special book or video that comes to mind. It could be almost anything that would personally touch them. You may know someone that they should connect with. Nothing is more powerful than being the hub of influence.

What you have to give may not even have to do with you or your business. That isn’t the important thing. Your focus should be to give, give, give.

Most importantly, give your full attention to whoever you’re engaged with. Don’t make them feel like you don’t want to be there. Look them in the eye, watch their facial expressions and try to read between the lines of what they are saying to really connect.

Next, try to be more of a detective, listen to them and draw more out of them by asking questions that matter to them. Don’t be in any hurry to talk about yourself. When and if that conversation finally comes around, it will be much richer because you listened first. Start with questions about their industry that can start a¬†genuine conversation.

Finally, remember you have gifts and resources that others may not have. Think about what you can give to others when you meet them. If it makes sense to do them a favor, tell them you want to do it, no strings attached.

If you’re inspired to give first, you’re a good fit for our network. Hit the link here to get started.

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