Turn Low Ticket Buyers into High Value Buyers

It's who you know that matters. Right?

Well, I'm working with a couple of other guys that have inserted this process on the back end of a lot of different kinds of offers. They are mentoring and guiding me through the process and we are testing out their process on other people's lists. 

It squeezes out more high value buyers from an email list or group that didn't take advantage of their highest ticket offers before. 

These could be dead lists, old lists, or low ticket buyer lists.

Here are few criteria for who I would personally like to work with. 

1. A man who is a believer that...

2. has transformational results that makes people's lives better,

3. is the head of the business and family if you have one,

4. has at least 500 low ticket buyers on a mailing list,

5. the higher value offer is at least $1000,

6. and your buyers love you.

Since this is a door opener, we cover all the costs and resources for these "Windfall Profits Rainmaker" campaigns. 

No charge

No investment

No upfront fees 

Not touching what they're already doing. 

We are working on a good faith rev share basis of 30% to 50% of the new Profits.

5k - 50k profits are not uncommon. 

For a deeper understanding, watch this video.

Turn Lists of "No Thank Yous" into 5 & 6 Figure Paydays,

No Calls, Events, or Spending a Dime

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Revelations are happening about how much money offer owners are leaving on the table with lists of low ticket buyers that say "no thanks" on their sales calls, webinars, and at their event!

And how simple personalized messages, emails and a Google Doc can put it straight into their Stripe account.

Without changing a thing about their current sales process...

Or needing more leads...

Or spending all day on even more sales calls...

We're able to take lists of low ticket buyers who've passed on a high ticket offer...

Whether it was through a webinar, live event, or "strategy session" (we all KNOW it's a sales call...)

And get them to not only buy that offer...

But sometimes PAY DOUBLE THE PRICE of what they turned down the first time.

No magic spells...NLP hacks...or giving away every product in the vault either...

This is for offer owners and marketers who want to create massive windfalls for their businesses.  

Quite frankly, this is a next-level play that I've held pretty close to the chest.

We've used this exact strategy to add an average of 7 figures in "Found Money" sales per year for the last 3 years...

While I firmly believe ads, webinars, and phone calls are great tools to make high ticket sales…

They take too much work (for me).

And eat up way too much of my precious “free” time (generally speaking, being over 40 makes “free time” a HOT COMMODITY).

I’d much rather send an email…
We can have 10, 20, or even 50 sales convos in a day…on my time…without being on the phone… and without filling up your calendar.

And just direct the “right fits” to a Google Doc that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Our supervising team has done this over and over again…for several years straight…all behind the scenes…

Offer owners who usually think I’m crazy when I first pitch the idea that we can sell their high ticket programs with a few emails and a Google doc…

Then when the Stripe notifications start poppin’ off like a 4th of July night sky…

I’m much less crazy than they think I am. Then I'm their new high ticket sales secret weapon.

If you’ve got your own offers…with lists of low ticket buyers who haven’t bought your mid or high ticket goodies…

Or if offer owners rely on you to make it rain with their lists…

I think we can open up a lot of people's minds as to how much cash is just waiting to be scooped up and leveraged into ongoing cash-flow arrangements.

Without.... spending all day on sales calls...

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