Life Success Cheat Sheet

It isn’t meant to be exhaustive, just a quick guideline. And take it for what it’s worth, I’m no expert in any of the fields of science. I am just drawing on some 60 plus years of life and study.

Besides, I wait for inspiration in the morning and then I write. And then I publish and share what I get.

  1. Fill your heart and mind with truth, love, and motivation. Get encouragement and inspiration flowing from the things you watch, read and listen to. Then, each morning, be grateful, be quiet and listen.
  2. Write down what comes. Record it some way, audio, video, handwriting, anything.
  3. Publish it and share it everywhere. Start blogging and work a routine daily.
  4. Hydrate with Alkaline Ionized Water. Workout in a fasted state to music 4-6 days a week.
  5. Fast, pray and fellowship. Worship alone and with others as often as possible.
  6. Cut out sugar. Optimize your body fuel. Mind your sympathetic nervous system. Take care of your gut health, if nothing else. Eat more whole, healthy, unprocessed, natural food.
  7. Take extended sabbaticals in nature and travel as much as you can.
  8. Celebrate every little achievement. Reward yourself for reaching goals. And forgive yourself if you fail.
  9. If possible, don’t work alone. Have a partner or at least someone to be accountable to. Be an encouragement to others. Accept compliments and praise and correction with grace and humility. Network with “light minded” people that can move you forward and up.
  10. Do right by God and everyone else you have a relationship with. Find your gift so you can be a contributing part of a larger body. Always be ready to show love, help, give and serve.

Let me know if there is anything that should be added to this list. Share this with anyone you think it would help.

If you would like to keep a copy of this cheat sheet, Download it by clicking HERE.

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