Networking Masterplan

Our Purpose is to Help Christian Entrepreneurs Connect for What's Coming
Because the Relationships We Make are what Matter Most
"Our relative limited freedom, at this time in human history, is a strange anomaly. The default state of man is bondage."

This article is meant to start a discussion, a discussion about biblically principled freedom, community, and prosperity. 

It's about the vision and mission that moved us to develop a freedom movement network for business leaders and entrepreneurs of faith.

Do you have a clear vision for the future?

We do, and we'd like to share ours with you. Maybe our visions are complementary and we can work together. We hope so...

For years I have asked this one question of friends and total strangers all around the world;

If money were no object, what would you be doing?” The two most common answers I get are some version of these two, 1. Traveling and 2. Helping others.

To me, travel represents freedom to experience humanity in all its wonder and God's creation in all its splendor. And when people have a desire to help others, it's that divine spark of care and compassion that most people have in common.

We believe that the mission to achieve freedom, prosperity and the heartfelt desire to help others is at the core of most entrepreneurs' motivations. But, then they are left with the difficult task to develop a plan and implement their mission alone, and that's where most solo entrepreneurs get lost and never realize their dreams. Here's where our network will help. It'll mean that solo entrepreneurs will never have to work alone again.

But, that freedom wouldn't be possible without the biblically based fundamental principles of liberty working throughout society, culture, business, and the political state. And that's why the cause of liberty is still essential for us to this very day.

Why we have a passion to promote the Cause of Liberty.

You might think that liberty is a given, but I assure you that it is not. If you take it for granted, you're making a big mistake.

For the vast majority of humanity in the world today, and throughout time, people have suffered under oppressive regimes, slave masters and oligarchs.

But the recognition of fundamental God given "rights" and "individual liberty" under the rule of moral law is the path to true freedom. The fact is, the right to life is our first God given right, and all other rights spring from that one right which God alone has given. And so we owe our submission to the divine order of God which makes life possible and we are blessed to obey.

Nevertheless, there is more than one kind of liberty. Unlike the first kind, under submission to the moral law of God, there is licentiousness, a biblical term that means the kind of liberty that defies moral law for the sake of hedonistic pleasures. And that kind of liberty is what leads humanity into a worse bondage to the lower nature called "the flesh" which is more animalistic than human. It will even seek to overrule the goodness of the moral law to the point of complete self annihilation.

It has been a long, hard fight for our modern civilization to wrest the power and rights of the people from the robber barons, slave holders, and petty tyrants. And if we all don't appreciate, support, and even love true freedom, guided by the principles of liberty, we will lose it all. (See Seven Principles of Liberty Here.)

In the video below there is a brief history lesson on how we got to the state we're in and what that reality means. Watch it when you have about an hour to spare.

Is the loss of liberty the kind of legacy we want to leave for future generations?

In the final analysis, a good legacy means we helped provide a better situation for the people we touched and the world we experienced after we leave the earth.

So, how do we make that a reality?

The Entrepreneur's Magnus Opus

The vision is to build a movement of social influencers, trend setters, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, that helps the people find true liberty, live in prosperity, and work together to increase human flourishing for the most amount of people possible in the world.

The process of this grand work is based on the biblical paradigm of evangelism and discipleship. Our goal is to bring people together that are much smarter, more influential, and more affluent than ourselves into multiple small networking communities. In the divine paradigm, mentors have mentors, and the master is servant of all. That means we will be utilizing the "Mastermind Principle". This principle was first discovered by Napoleon Hill when he studied the secrets of the most successful people in the world of his day. The richest people in the world used their private mastermind alliances to help guide their decisions, get resources, brainstorm new ideas, and solve problems.

It has also been said that the primary objective of a leader is to impart the vision or to define reality. So that's why we're focusing on the entrepreneurial social influencers first. They have the most trusted voice in today's society and they have the unique quality to share the vision of liberty and prosperity for the masses.

We believe that entrepreneurs with social influence are the best evangelists for this mission. The entrepreneur is a person that is willing to take personal risks and impart a vision to other influencers to help build a vast network of freedom loving communities around the world. They have what it takes to carry the torch of freedom to the next generation. 

And that can be our Legacy.

That's why we're looking for people that have the same kind of mission. Let's connect with entrepreneurs who want to help others live a life of freedom and prosperity. We're connecting people with an abundance mindset. They understand that the principles of liberty are the foundation of prosperity, and they have the heart and will to support that mission.

If that's you, then simply reading this article will strike a chord in your heart. It will resonate with your spirit. You'll know it's your mission too. This is our opportunity to stop squandering our own divine gifts and talents and use them for a higher purpose. We should use our gifts and talents to get this message out. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Now is the time for a Great Awakening! Do you agree?

We're connecting business leaders of faith for what's coming.
 Because the only way we can get ahead of the curve is together .
And our connections are what will make the most difference.

We're living in the moment of a new clear vision of how to love and be loved now. And helping others live a life of freedom and prosperity as a community is what love looks like.

So my question to you is this; Do you believe business is an end to itself or the means to an end? And if it is a means to an end, what does that endgame look like?

Who This Is Not For

Now, we realize that this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea.

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that will think that this is a radical idea, and they would oppose anything like it. That's why we can't work with everyone. 

So, if someone is hostile to the cause of liberty and the freedom of opportunity for others to prosper, then they are set against the divine creative purpose of life. How could we support them?

We don't believe there is really any lack in this world. There is only mismanagement, abuse, neglect, and misappropriation. But mostly, there's missed opportunity...

It's a strange concept. Success and wealth come as a result of helping others. Helping others is always at the core of success. And then, becoming as efficient as possible at however you serve others is how to scale that success to become wildly successful.

By consistently reaching out to help others, you fill up the universal bank of goodwill. 

It's a divine principle. 

The bible says it this way, 

“Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, and running over, they shall give into your bosom; for with that measure with which ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.”
Luke 6:38


So, what is the most valuable thing we have? I would say it's our connections. In other words, it's our relationships. That's why it only makes sense that if we go out of our way to help others increase their most valuable connections, it would eventually come back to us in abundance.

It's called "the law of altruistic reciprocity." 

But, we're sowing in faith with expectations of a good return.

Besides, helping other entrepreneurs connect is likely one of the most effective ways in the world to become the center of influence in your own network.

So that's the plan, and we're even developing a system so that we can do it at an exponentially increasing scale. That will put us in the unique position to be an incredible blessing to others that are looking to expand their own networks. So, in turn, it will also be a great blessing to us. 

Would you like to see how it works? Stick with me to the end and I'll show you one of the ways...

Only You Can Fulfill Your Calling

Have you ever heard this saying?...

The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your gift away.” ~ David Viscott

We believe this means that it's our divine duty to live out our mission in life, and that's exactly what is meant by the word righteousness.

In a spiritual sense, a righteous person is one who follows the path of God's unique calling for their own life to develop and share their special gifts with the world.

But, only you can fulfill that calling. No one can do it for you. Although, we also believe that, throughout our life, we can have several gifts and missions. Your gifts may blend, overlap, and one gift lead from one to another. Then that also means that timing is important. We need to discern the time and place to let our unique gifts shine.

So if developing and sharing your gift is a divine duty, every time you deviated from your mission, it would be considered unrighteousness.

We get our modern word, "righteous" from the Old English word (rightwise) rihtwis, from riht + wis "wise, way, manner". Or right-wiseness.

It is our moral obligation to realize our aspirations and dreams.

That's how we can know if we're on the right path or not. We are fulfilling our mission by using the gifts and talents that God gave us to help others.

The reason we're telling you this is because our network is a place where you can exercise your gifts, and be rewarded for expanding your own circle of influence. We're going to make this as attractive as possible for you, and in your behalf, for those you invite to help build your own network of super connectors, social influencers and world changers within our platform.

Now let us share 5 simple steps how to leverage the power of top social influencers. This is, by far, one of the best growth hacks any entrepreneur will ever discover. There's simply no better way to get on a social influencer's radar than to give them some real value or to make them look good in front of their ideal audience.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to do influencer marketing, network team building, and social selling, but this is just the first one we'll share here...

5 Simple Steps to the Networking Masterplan

Step 1. Essential Criteria:

Find a network or community that aligns with your personal values and your professional goals. It could be a group, forum, association or membership. Knowing that you're in a group that's in alignment with your core values will help make networking easier and more rewarding.

We can all understand that there are other networks and organizations that are opposed to the cause of liberty, and free enterprise in general. We've heard a lot of people in the last several years express the desire for alternative networks where their values wouldn't be insulted, but rather championed.

Your new network should offer perks, rewards and incentives as tools for you to promote it. That way, it will be easy to promote and build your own niche community inside that broader network by sharing their perks, rewards and incentives.

Another thing to look for is to see if they have a way to showcase your own business, offers, perks, products and services to the other members in the network, like a peer to peer marketplace. A complimentary business listing or directory would be ideal. It would make getting referrals, recommendations, and reviews easy.

And finally, they should have social media groups that are open to new members from the public. This will make it easy for you to invite influencers to network with you without trying to sell them anything.

Groups with a common cause are the most active and engaging on social media, and we all know that politics gets the most buzz in any social platform. So think about politically active communities based on a common cause that you can join.

Step 2. Sign Up:

Ideally, the network will make it easy to join. There should be a simple online form or application. Then, there should also be affiliate programs and/or rewards programs to make it easy to promote the network and get paid to build your community inside it. This will give the members an extra incentive to build the network.

Step 3. Collect Promo Info:

After you sign up to promote the network and their affiliate program and/or their rewards program, get your referral link. Also get any swipe sales copy, videos, scripts, graphics, or whatever material they supply to their promoting members.

Step 4. Make It Your Own:

You should rarely use promotional collateral just as you find it. In order to stand out from the crowd, you should edit the copy and make unique content from the original. You should even come up with your own USP, unique selling proposition. Think about the content you can share to attract the ideal referral partners for your own business niche market. If you're a marketer or an entrepreneur this should be an easy task. Let us know if you need help with this part. We have what we call a “Perfect-Pitch” video formula where you can produce a sizzle video to share with your perfect prospects.

Step 5. Share:

Then, all that's left to do is the actual promotion of the network, your community, and the other influencers inside the network. There will be other entrepreneurs that offer incentives of their own to promote. Remember, when you promote another influencer to help make them money, or give them what they're looking for, it's the fastest way to get on their radar. The side effect may also be that they promote for you too. So in that case, you get rewarded for promoting someone else and rewarded by being promoted by them. This could be the greatest benefit of all to the whole program. I have seen very few things as effective as endorsed traffic for special offers.

The But, and this is a big but: we don't know of any other platform or network that will meet all these criteria besides the one we're building...

What to do next...

Now, if you would like to help promote our network, and be a part of our new community, we have three basic criteria:

  1. Be an altruistic entrepreneur,
  2. Love freedom, and
  3. Exercise your faith.

And, of course, we'll reward you generously for your valid efforts.

So, would you like to join our “Private Super Connector's Network for Freedom Loving Entrepreneurs”?

If so, inside the network, we share incentives, strategies and techniques that have cost thousands of dollars and years of trial and error to discover. And we make them easy to pass on to others. Rather than give them to you in hours and hours of video tutorials and live webinars, we've boiled them down to simple PDF Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides like the 5 Simple Steps above.

Really, there are way too many benefits to tell you about here.

Get inside the private platform and use it for yourself right here.
Click here> Launch Special

To Your Liberty and Prosperity,

Alvin and Rosa Curren

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