Networking’s Overrated

Networking is overrated. You don’t need to know or talk to 1000 people a month. No, sir. You don’t need to be at networking events every week! The truth is, you should network, but do it in a strategic, targeted way, with the right people. Winners, movers, shakers, people that will have your back when you need them.

Those are who you need to be connecting with.

Knowing a bunch of people isn’t worth anything if they don’t care about you. But, knowing the right people means a lot. If the people you strategically network with are in a related, complementary business and they are willing to tell their clientele about your business, then they are worth networking with.

(two-way street)
1. a situation or relationship involving mutual or reciprocal action or obligation.
“networking is a two-way street”

Networking is a two-way street. Some people you meet at networking events are not there to help anyone but themselves. It will become obvious usually within the first few seconds of greeting someone for the first time. They will instantly vomit out their elevator pitch as soon as the shake your hand. They won’t take the time to discover your talents or services so that they can send you business. You’ll know quick enough who not to invest any effort in cultivating a relationship with.

Would you like to shortcut the networking process by selectively connecting with compatible, high-value business leaders? That’s what Legacy Business Network was designed for. So if you are a good fit and you can offer a fair amount of reciprocal value, you’re invited to join our community.

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