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How to Make a “Perfect-Pitch”
Formula Video:

In 7 Simple Steps…

Simple How-to Steps:

1. Make a short, on target and direct 30-60 seconds long text based video.

2. Attention grabbing pain/pleasure question addressing the intended market about a problem they need solved.

3. Tell how you solve their problem with a few unique qualifiers.

4. Describe how the process works very briefly, again, being unique.

5. Include a short line about the trouble that they will avoid by using your solution.

6. Ask if your solution is something that they would like to see, know more about, or try…

7. Then, a simple direct Call-To-Action that tells them what to do next.

Example Script 1:

Hey, Do you know how it seems so difficult to promote your own products and services online?

Well, We solve that by producing “Perfect-Pitch” formula videos that do all the work for you.

The way that works is you answer a few short questions, we make the video and share it.

With a simple 3 step process, you avoid all the time and trouble of pitching your own stuff.

Would you like to see how that’s done?


Great, now all you need to do is fill out a quick form and we’ll give you all the details.


If you like this formula and have the confidence to create your own, go for it!


Or, if you don’t have the confidence, Let’s work together to make a “Perfect Pitch” Video for you.

Pay now to book an appointment with us.

Book a Service Call with me by tapping here.

Under What Kind of Service?, Type, Perfect-Pitch Video Setup.

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