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Instructions and Signup Links

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Go Through These Steps One At A Time

Luxury Vacation Request Form

You need to create your own accounts in the forum and the directory. 

If you need professional help with setup,   Request Consultation. ​

Step 1. Please Create Your Own Account in the Private Forum.

Make a note of your login credentials and secure them when you register.​

Edit Profile

You must be logged in to edit your profile.

All Members Page, Find Your Profile Here

See Your Forum Activity

Access Groups

Edit Forum Profile

(If you don’t find your city name in search, create your own group.)

How to Access Your Member’s Forum After Registration:

Hover your cursor over your name at top right.

There will be a drop down menu to navigate.

See Image Below…

Hover your cursor over your name in the top right of your browser after you login to the forum membership.

  • Be sure to complete your profile with an avatar,  cover image and info
  • ​Search for the City Groups you want to network in and request to join
  • ​If you’re the first one in you can ask me to edit the group cover image or try to do it yourself
  • ​Just have a look around in everything, add friends, invite people to join your group
  • Message me with a Support Ticket if you have suggestions or need help.

Members Only, Perks From Vested Sponsors

These perks are provided as incentives to do business with our Vested Sponsor Members. Some will be free trial offers and some will be great discount offers. Offered on a first come, first served basis. Check with service provider for availability and scheduling.

Perks provided by Promotion Creatives  In Exchange for Testimonials, Referrals, Reviews and Recommendations.


Legacy Business Network Premium Perks

Add Your Vested Sponsor Incentive Offers

Add your perks here…

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  • Perk #2

More Premium Perks to come as new Vested Sponsors sign up and add their incentive offers. If you are interested in becoming a Vested Sponsor, let’s schedule a Discovery Session Here.