Promotional Partnerships

Have you ever heard of “Partnership Marketing”?

If you focus on any specific target markets and you solve very specific problems for your clientele, there is a good possibility that we could develop a promotional partnership.

There is a good chance we can cross promote our offerings to each other’s warm markets. If that sounds like you, it would be great to have you in our network directory. You can be a resource to my community of local business leaders.

Take a look here at what I’m working on. If it seems like you would fit in, we need to chat. If not, maybe you could recommend someone you think it would benefit. We do offer referral fees.

What I’m looking for is someone that can service my other members and help me expand in the areas you have influence in.

Have you been looking for ways to expand your own network? Then check this out. My goal is to hook you up with the leads data that is the very best I have found. I can provide you with some of the richest leads data to any market you want to target.

As a part of our promotional partnership, you use the data that I provide to promote your offers and mine. And I’ll pay you a 50% commission for confirmed sells.

We have very attractive perks just for taking a look at our membership.

When you email your list with your affiliate link, tell them to take a look at our Perks page. There, they can get access to a proprietary software that they can use to get 5-Star reviews on their Google Business listing.

That is just one example of the kinds of incentive offers you can use to promote for our community. It is an obvious win, win, win for everyone. That’s the kind of stuff I like to do.

It would be great if we could start by connecting on Linkedin. Here’s my profile link, Alvin Curren on Linkedin

Take a look and see if we could work together. Then reach out to book a time to visit.


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