Sharing the Resources we use and love!

Resource #1. Our Website Building Programs:

We use the WordPress content management system and website building platform with the Thrive Themes conversion focused, drag and drop templated themes and plugins. Click Here >>> Thrive Themes to see why we love it.

But Thrive Themes is much more than a template and plugin provider. They also have a great community, tutorials, and a new marketing university just for Thrive Theme users!

For Hosting Websites:

We have used many different hosting providers over the years. But value for money, so far our top pick has to go to Webline Services. They offer competent support and training. And the specific kind I use is the Reseller Gold program. Reseller Gold with cPanel

Domain Name Registrar:

Most company owners have no idea how cheap it is to register a domain name. They have been lied to and swindled by big web design companies for years. With Nam´╗┐echeap you won't pay more than $13 per year including WhoIs Guard. Go to, That's who we use.

Resource #2. Digital Asset Development:

Anything you need done to create digital assets from webdesign, video, reputation building, mailing lists, conversion optimization, back end followup, citation building, directory site listings, strategic planning can all be done.

And if you are a member of Legacy Business Network, you can get 30% to 60% discounts on services and products.