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Networking Works

Do you know how networking works? Well, It’s really a pretty simple concept. If someone I know asks me for a recommendation from my connections, and I know you’re good at what you do, I give them your contact info as a referral.I don’t think I need to convince you that word-of-mouth referrals are the […]

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Shared Passions and Goals

Hey, Business Mogul, If you’re anything like the typical entrepreneur, you have more than one business, more than one pursuit, and more than one passion. And that’s a part of your problem. So the big challenge is giving all those things the time and resources they need to flourish. But you have at least one […]

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Beware Network Hogs

Another name for a networking hog is,┬ánarcissist. They will dominate the conversation, engage in monologue instead of dialogue and use up all your precious networking time. Avoid them if you notice them at a networking event. And most of all, don’t be that person. No one wants to be talked at. People want to have […]

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