Open Threes

I know, it’s a strange title for an article. And it doesn’t seem right. But sometimes a pattern interrupt is a good thing. It gets your attention. But that isn’t what this is about. What we are going to talk about in this article is who to actually approach in a live networking event.

A person’s intuition would naturally assume that you should look for an individual that has no one to network with. You’d think they would be the easiest target. But, you’d be wrong. There are several reasons to skip the loner. But suffice it to say, you are looking for dynamics. To get the best dynamics, you will need to look for and open three group with at least one woman.

An open three group is three people that are all facing out, about the same direction. If they were a closed three group, they would be facing each other. But you also want to observe the body language of the group. If you can tell they are about to break up, or one or two are completely closed, with crossed arms, you might reconsider.

The reasons you want to choose this kind of open group is because, one, you can close the group, second because you can act as a kind of moderator, working to get them to open up one at a time by asking each one a question or two. The most interesting person is the one that shows the most interest in others. The key is the intuitiveness of your questions. In a social setting like an open networking group, the first goal is to be social. And as a moderator in a small group, you should be working to inspire a kindred connection. And being the hub of influence is a powerful position.

But, what if there aren’t any open threes? Then try this, approach a single loner and strike up a quick conversation. Then as soon as possible, ask if they would like to meet some other people. Then go together to an open two and introduce your friend to the couple. Then do the moderator questions to work the dynamics like before.

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