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Use as incentives to promote your special offers and recruit referral partners…

Viral Giveaway List Building Contest Cheat Sheet

1. Set up a Contest on HypeSprout cloud software (the one to use, training included)

2. Create a 15 second video post on Facebook that offers a gift to solve a problem, or fulfill a need for your target market. This is not the contest post. It is for building a retargeting list to create a custom audience in Facebook’s ad platform.

3. Give away an info resource like a video, a checklist, a cheat sheet or a report.

4. Set up a chatbot flow that subscribes the new lead to messenger and email.
Manychat is the chat bot service to use. Training videos included.
It’s vitally important that your first gift should be related to the products or services that you offer not a random gift that would attract everyone.

5. Set up a contest with the viral effect by using incentives like unlimited Luxury Vacations.
Give your contestants extra points or entries for sharing a referral link to your contest and for performing other actions, like visiting a web page, sharing a video, or joining a group, etc…

Get Unlimited Luxury Vacation Incentives FREE 7 Day trial account to award the Grand Prize Winners something special!

Here’s an example you can follow: This is the beta launch contest that we are currently running to build our business referral network for freedom loving entrepreneurs.

Viral Giveaway Contest 

Enter the contests yourself to see how the whole process works. Besides, you will also have a chance to win some awesome prizes.

6. Run a new Facebook ad to a lookalike audience created from the first video ad.
That’s how you prime the pump.

7. Share the giveaway contest with related groups that you are a member of to help increase the organic reach.

8. Share it with other influencers that have the attention of your target market.
Here’s how to approach an influencer. Message them on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram. After some initial small talk via text, ask them if you can share a freebie deal with their followers. Then, tell them that if they share it, their audience will love them for it. You can even offer some kind of incentive or offer to pay them to publish a short promotional post and email to their tribe.

9. Throughout the contest, send email reminders to the contestants to continue sharing in order to win the grand prize. This should be automated with an autoresponder having several emails prewritten to go out at a few days apart.
You can also do the same thing with messenger bots in Facebook.

10. Give all your participants a prize just for entering. And after the contest, give them another chance to take advantage of your special offers with a discount of some kind.

11. Collaborate with others in your niche market to have a joint venture contest where you all provide prizes. And, then you all promote the contest in the same ways we suggest. This step alone has the potential to explode your campaigns.

Tip, keep your contest relatively short, like 2-3 weeks. Any longer and people will lose interest and forget they even entered.

12. Publish a Press Release. You can create a press release for your contest, even if you’re simply giving away a small prize. (I can help set this up) Set appointment for a press release.

13. Post your contest on giveaway site directories. Just do a search for giveaway directory to find some that look like a good fit. There’s also a place in Reddit that you can post your contests and then run an ad for it ( ).
Here’s a resource for 100 giveaway and contest sites, ( contest-promotion-websites/ )

14. Use a URL shortener like Rebrandly to make a link unique to your contest for each traffic source. For example, make a custom link to give to an influencer to put in an email to their list. Use their name as the last part of the link. Use a unique identifiable custom link with each different source of traffic to track the results.

15. Click the link below to go to join our beta launch contest for Legacy Business Network. It’s specifically designed for freedom loving entrepreneurs to support the cause of liberty.

Launch Contest 

Reach out if you need help setting up a viral giveaway contest, promoting it, and managing it.

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