Why People Become Entrepreneurs

Why People Become Entrepreneurs

These 5 Answers Why People Become Entrepreneurs Might Be The Best Solutions To Help Others In The World

Why do most people become an entrepreneur?

I mean, what do you think the primary reason is?

Is it for the Freedom?

Maybe it’s Prosperity?

Could it be a Calling?

Is it for Power?

Do they want to Help Others?

Maybe it’s All of the Above…

I have my own opinion, but I want yours.

Well, if my hunch is right, we as entrepreneurs need to start a movement. You know, it’s been said that one of the most selfish things you can do is to help others.

Do you think the people of Venezuela want more freedom and prosperity? What about the people of China or Africa? I bet most of them do.

But, what are the obstacles they face? For the most part, I believe they face the same obstacles we all face. Like, first of all, we all get in our own way with our own limiting beliefs. Then also, they may not have the resources they need to get started.

But what’s even worse is, they lack the resourcefulness.

And then there’s the obstructive government regulations and systems stacked against the new startups that don’t have big funding…

Now I’ve said all that to say this, I believe I have a solution.

It’s a Big Idea.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, and you have a heart to help others, you’re invited to join us on a mission to further the cause of freedom and prosperity all across the world. We’re setting up programs, platforms and building a community to do just that.

And I bet you’ve never heard of anything else like it before.

Check out my profile page, open up the summary and read all the way to the bottom. Then you’ll see a little 3 ½ minute intro video about the networking community that we’re building for freedom loving entrepreneurs.

We also have a Facebook group and a LinkedIn group.

But I can’t spill all the beans here, so go check out the video on my profile.


Then I hope you’ll join us.

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