Is This FREEDOM Lifestyle Business The Perfect Business Model for YOU?

See for yourself… DO NOT SKIM, read every word of this document.

If a freedom lifestyle is what you want to be blessed with, this is your ticket to get there as fast as possible.

But, what is a freedom lifestyle business?

It means when an entrepreneur has an online business that gives them the financial freedom and time freedom to do the things that they enjoy, help those that they care about the most, and the ability to support the causes that they believe in.

How does that work?

This is a Brand New “Virtual Mentoring” Program That Helps Complete Novices Build an Online Business and Get Daily Automated Cash-flow with Multiple Streams of Income in as little as 60 Minutes per Day, After the Set up phase.

But, of course, the more you work, or get others to work with you, the more you can make with a system like this. And you can plug virtually any kind of offer into this one simple system.

Inside this system you’ll be set up to promote multiple high converting, high profit margin info-products, consumable products, and service packages from different companies that pay out up to 80%  reoccurring commissions directly to you 7 days a week, 24 hours per day on autopilot!

It has completely automated funnels that graduate lookers to higher and higher ticket offers. And you can have any, or all of these complete funnels to plug into this one system!

But the real magic is in the continuity income commissions. You’ll discover other hidden gems that we love. That means you never start another month at zero. As people join your team in your favorite support community, you build recurring cash flow.

And having the right support community is absolutely essential for your success. It just makes it all the more attractive that you can offer this special community support network as another recurring stream of income at 80% commission.

The Missing Factor: What most systems don't have is a High Value Offer that pays out thousands of dollars in one time commissions. So, we've created the perfect high ticket product for our affiliate partners.

Short Version

What we’re offering, in a nutshell:

The Right Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to help virtually any online entrepreneur reach their personal freedom number in about a year or less as we work together as a team.

Inside this FREE system you'll get...

  • A Complete Business Model Blueprint
  • Success Potential Self Assessment
  • Multiple Online Training Platforms
  • 80% Commission Affiliate Offers
  • Principle Centered Leadership
  • Professional Support Network
  • Business Development Skills
  • Done-For-You Sales Pages
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Virtual Mentoring Program
  • Several Irresistible Offers
  • Personal Transformation
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Networking Forums
  • Traffic Resources
  • Get Paid Instantly
  • Infinite Potential
  • Start for FREE
  • What is this kind of business model?

    We took direct selling, affiliate marketing and added the twists of automation, outsourcing, incentives and personal guidance to come up with something special.

    We call it “Referral Partner Networking“.

    So far, so good?

    Keep reading…

    Dear Potential Protégé,

    Does this sound like you?…

    Here's the rub.

    Every time you go online to “make money” you end up spending money…

    You have the feeling that all the information you’ve ever been given until now, is not the “full story”… (and you’re right…)

    You keep buying reports… products… and training… but your bank account doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit impressed with your lack of real action… (or worse, its decreasing your balance with every transaction…)

    If this IS you, you’re not alone. There are millions just like you. And that’s sad.

    But, it’s also your greatest opportunity!

    Do you want to see how to do your own online business in just about 60 minutes or less per day, the easy way?

    Here’s what you won’t need to get started.

    1. You don’t need your own website,
    2. You don’t need hosting,
    3. You don’t need your own product,
    4. You don’t need a domain name,
    5. You don’t need your own autoresponder,
    6. You don’t need your own landing page,
    7. You don’t need your own sales funnels,
    8. You don’t even need your own ad campaigns…

    But, here’s what you will get with this simple system,

    • You’ll get time freedom,
    • You’ll get location freedom
    • And, You’ll get financial freedom…


    And You'll Have One Primary Job

    And your main job will be to provoke enough curiosity in others to get them to look at a document like this one, with your own links in it.

    That’s it!

    Then, this system does all the sifting and selling for you!

    We’ll provide a whole series of free magnetic attraction gifts for you to share, then another library full of simple inexpensive info-products as low ticket offers. And then a complete sales funnel with multiple streams of continuity income that you can just plug into. And all easily programmed with your own affiliate links in them.

    As a matter of fact, you can plug virtually anything you want to promote into this system. The important part is to get the system set up ASAP! And that’s what we, as a team, help you do.

    Besides that, for no extra cost, you’ll get our personal accountability and productivity mentoring partnership as a bonus. And it includes all the mindset and productivity coaching you’ll need to stay on task.

    And, as we discover high quality products or services that meet our criteria that can be plugged into this system, we will share those with you as well. You’ll never lack for more excellent opportunities to expand your market going forward.

    So while we don’t guarantee you’ll earn a dime using this system, what we can guarantee is that you can…

    Use This To Completely Destroy Any Barriers That Have Stopped You Before…

    Such as:

    • No money? -> Start for free.
    • Fear of failure? -> We help build your faith.
    • Lack of time? -> Start with just 30 min per day.
    • No real plan? -> Use our proven business model.
    • No good opportunities? -> LOL! No problem.
    • No support network? -> That’s what we’re here for.
    • Lack of vision? -> We’ll give you ours. It’s BIG!


    How is this possible?

    Simple, with the system we use…

    Social Selling Affiliate Offers, “Referral Partner Networking”

    We personally see that you get everything you need to succeed set up, then we help you consistently implement the system with simple to learn skills like posting content and talking to prospects from proven sources…

    And then…

    It’s the SAME work to make $10k, as it is to make $30k per month…

    Once all the continuity cash flow has been established, it multiplies.

    So you don’t need to do 30x the work to make more…

    It’s the exact same pattern and process to follow once you know the systems and methods we all use.

    If you try this on your own though, you are fighting an uphill battle, most people lack the focus and self-discipline to stick with it long enough to see a healthy profit alone. You’ll need encouragement at first.

    This is the reason we took everything we know, Simplified it to the bare bones minimum things that actually generate the results…

    And we are here to take you…

    Step By Step, From Where YOU Are Now, To Your *Personal FREEDOM NUMBER as fast as possible. If you follow the process laid out in the FREEDOM Lifestyle Business Model Blueprint.

    Simple Math To Your FREEDOM Number:

    What is your personal freedom number?

    (*Your personal freedom number is easily calculated with simple math. Simply determine the dollar amount that you need to be set free from a traditional time+energy business.)

    How do you achieve your personal freedom number?

    Example One: if your  PERSONAL FREEDOM NUMBER (PFN) is $3k per month, and you plug our mastermind affiliate program offer that pays out about $3000, you simply need one sale per month on average.

    How long will it take you to make one sale?

    Example Two: if your PERSONAL FREEDOM NUMBER (PFN) is $3k per month, and you plug in our favorite support network that includes a funnel builder, social groups, massive library of training material, mastermind groups, and financial literacy academy, and more… that pays $150 per month, you only need about 25 sales to make $3k in continuity income. Simple Math...

    How long would it take you to make 25 sales?

    That’s the truth, the math doesn’t lie.

    And the truth will set you free!

    These are just examples for illustration purposes. There are many other offers.

    But that isn't the important part. It's about the process and this system.

    That's what matters most.

    Here’s what you’ll do with us by your side;

    • Create a solid, unshakable business that will keep throwing dollars at you day after day, week after week, in about 60 minutes per day of work after setup.
    • Eliminate and replace all confusion with crystal clear clarity that flat out gets you results, respect, and cash in your bank account.
    • Work on your own terms, time, and grow as fast as you like.
    • Join the elite of those who actually DO make money online and separate yourself from the information overload rabbit hole.
    • Eliminate any and all technical barriers forever (no more html, hosting issues, graphics, or any of that nonsense) we have a streamlined system that takes minutes to design a life you want. MINUTES.
    • Never spend another minute on an activity that does not generate massive income.
    • Avoid the same pitfalls that can leave you broke and unhappy. Let your competition experiment and guess…
    • Never deal with a traditional job again, this business is a 60 min per day side gig you can run on your own terms.
    • And if you choose… you can inspire others with your new skills by helping them build up to the same success level in the same speed you achieved it…, or faster.


    In 12 short weeks into the future you have the foundation established, active affiliate accounts collecting payments for you on a daily basis… Then, when you follow the process, between 6 and 12 months, complete financial and lifestyle freedom!

    A completely open schedule to work on any life long hobby, mission or higher purpose you want to engage in…

    … and, all the time in the world to do it.

    Take glorious vacations with complete mind and body relaxation from any lurking dread about returning to work in a week or two. Sound good?

    Here’s What We Have For You…

    A Blue Pill And A Red Pill

    You know how it goes…

    Take the blue bill, life as you know it will remain exactly the same, ups, downs, and whatever else comes with it…

    Take the red bill,

    And we’ll help you unleash a side of “you” that you never even knew existed.

    Imagine, we’ll be showing you from A-Z what you need to know to forget life as you know it…

    And help you, cross over to the other side…

    We’ll Virtually “Mentor” You, Be Your Accountability Partners… For FREE…

    Only If…

    You truly have the intention to get your business up right now.

    Reason I say that is because we have our limits…

    It costs us personal time and attention.

    So as of right now, since you’re reading this document, We still have at least one spot reserved for you.

    If you get started a.s.a.p.

    If you leave, then we’ll have to give this spot to the next person in line who is interested.

    And, who are we?

    Alvin and Rosa Curren

    Alvin and Rosa Curren

    Still having doubts?

    We understand.

    So that's why we have created a quick 10 question, multiple choice quiz to assess your potential for success at this kind of business model.

    Find out what your potential for success is if you doubt yourself.


     Retake the quiz as often as you like.

    As your skills and knowledge increase, so will your potential for success.

    Do you have all the confidence in the world now?

    Here’s What To Do:

    Sign up to work with us, beta test the Freedom Lifestyle Business Model Blueprint. It's FREE. There's No risk.

    Once you do that, 2 things will happen…

    #1. You’ll be given the next step where you will learn more about setting up your system with multiple income streams.


    #2. You’ll also receive follow ups over the next few days with more details, which you’ll need to use later. These will establish the foundation you’ve been missing.

    So, let’s get started now…. see if this business model is a good fit for you:


    Your Mission, if you choose to accept it...

    [Get To Your PFN$ Per Month (Or More…) As Quickly As Possible]

    Because this type of business model utilizes a system that you can plug in multiple continuity income offers, as well as one time high ticket offers, it builds up and compounds month after month.

    You’ll never have to start a month from scratch again!

    Again, What is the problem? You Never Got The Full Story…

    Everyone has been giving you “the manual”…

    And telling you to “follow the instructions…” right?

    But no one is there to help walk you step by step…

    Do this first..

    Then do that..

    Avoid doing this…

    Change this part to this…

    Here’s how this part should work…

    And finally do this part here…

    And now you’re done!

    Imagine having the clarity of someone actually walking you through the process like this, even on a screen share if needed.


    Your ONLY Job Is To…


    You follow simple, CLEAR step by step instructions exactly as we show you over the shoulder, which isn’t much, because most of it is done for you.

    And all this comes as a FREE Bonus. Yes!

    Even if you don’t take any offer we suggest, we are still giving you everything you need to get started for FREE. Yes, We believe in the divine principle of “Altruistic Reciprocity”.

    The Bible says it this way,

    Luke 6:38

    “Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, and running over, they shall give into your bosom; for with that measure with which ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.”

    Warning! This is by private invitation. You only get this gift because you have been kind enough to personally engage with us. 

    For that, we want to thank you with this special offering.

    So… What Next?

    Take a Simple 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz.

    Then, you'll get the complete business model blueprint and the 7 Essential Elements Mini Course for Ultimate Online Success.

    Start Here

    P.S. After you sign up to our free program, we'll invite you to our private accountability group where we all help each other grow from zero to 100k M.R.R.

    The private group is called "Burn The Ships" because there's no turning back, it's a total 100% All-in Commitment.

    BIG QUESTION: If you had the right Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to help others go from zero to 100k per month, how do you think that would change your life?